Pool Closings

Our pool closing price includes the following:


-Vacuuming the pool on waste

-We add the closing chemicals and circulate

            Included: 5 gallons chlorine

                             1 gallon algaecide

-We blow out lines, plug returns and add antifreeze

            Included: 1 gallon antifreeze

-We finish winterizing the system

            -pump is emptied and the drain cap is taken off

            -sand filter is drained and drain cap is left loose

-We remove ladders and hand rails

-We cover the pool

-We DO NOT touch diving boards or slides, due to liability


-Pools with heaters include all of the above plus an extra cost for blowing antifreeze through the heater (antifreeze included)


-Pools with a mesh safety cover require extra algaecide NOT included in quoted closing price.

-Misc. extras NOT included in quoted price:

           -Water bags, winter plugs, gizzmos, etc





Services we offer

  • Openings
  • Closings
  • Winterizing
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Inground Liner replacement
  • Motor & Pump repair / replace
  • Filter repair/replace
  • Heater repair/replace
  • Control Systems repair/replace
  • Chlorine Generators repair/replace
  • Light bulb replacement & lighting repairs
  • Pipeline Leak Detection and repair