Pool Openings

Our pool opening price includes the following:



  -Drain water off cover

  -Pressure wash the cover and water bags

  -Pressure wash the deck area where the cover was covering

  -Fold and store cover and water bags (we will not put cover in rafters, attics, etc)



-Pressure wash cover


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Pool Closings

Our pool closing price includes the following:


-Vacuuming the pool on waste

-We add the closing chemicals and circulate

  Included: 5 gallons chlorine

  1 gallon algaecide

-We blow out lines, plug returns and add antifreeze

  Included: 1 gallon antifreeze

-We finish winterizing the system

  -pump is emptied and the drain cap is taken off

  -sand filter is drai [.....]

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Winterizing Pool Lines Only

BLOW LINES (pool does not need to be open, cover can be on)

  -We blow out lines, plug returns, add antifreeze and winterize system



-Same as above plus closing chemicals (customer pays for)

-Must have working main drain

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Weekly Maintenance Program

Weekly Maintenance Program  

Starting the week after Memorial Day     

Ending the week of  Labor Day


Full Maintenance

-Vacuum the pool

-Backwash the system

-Clean baskets of debris (pump and skimmer)

-Test water

-Add chemicals as needed

**We will use customers’ chemicals if available or we will provide and ch [.....]

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Service Areas

Below are our current service areas highlighted in BLUE for openings/closings and in-ground liner replacements.

Keep in mind our service area is not set in stone! Call the store with any questions.

Any other services needed, please call store for more information.


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In-ground Liner Replacement

We are The In-ground Liner Specialists!

What does that mean? When we replace your in-ground vinyl liner, it is custom measured and ordered to our specific/exact measurements. We have used the same company to make our liners for over 15 years. The end result is your replacement liner will be custom measured, custom manufactured and installed properly, wrinkle-free!!

Your pool is down approximately 3 days from start to finish. (under normal [.....]

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Services we offer

  • Openings
  • Closings
  • Winterizing
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Inground Liner replacement
  • Motor & Pump repair / replace
  • Filter repair/replace
  • Heater repair/replace
  • Control Systems repair/replace
  • Chlorine Generators repair/replace
  • Light bulb replacement & lighting repairs
  • Pipeline Leak Detection and repair